What is PicLove?

1.Raise your Pictys!
Pictys are magical plushes which have come to life!!
Raise Pictys by cuddling them & feeding them lots and lots of sweets!
In return, you will get Items & Actions that will make your Pictys even cuter!
2.Take Pics!
Dress, Decorate, Pose your Pictys!
Take them with you everywhere to take photos!
3.Search by GPS
You can easily search for other PicLove members by using the GPS System.
Visit their Picty's room and bookmark them to become friends!

Teaser App!

PicLove's Teaser App, "PicLove Clock", is now available!
"PicLove Clock" can also be used as a Clock App which includes an Alarm Clock feature.
(The Official game, "PicLove", is planned to be released around February of 2012!)

Teaser App is NOW AVAILABLE! Click here to visit the AppStore.